Final Expense

Get Peace of Mind with the leading Final Expense Insurance program in the Nation

Protecting your loved ones from
financial burden

You’ve spent a lifetime taking care of your family. Life insurance can help you continue to care for them even after you’re gone.

Many families experience financial problems with unexpected expenses after the death of a loved one, such as funeral costs, medical expenses or other outstanding debts.

With Simplified Issue Whole Life you can easily apply for a simple and effective plan that can help ensure your surviving loved ones aren’t financially burdened by expenses related to your death.


Simplified Issue Whole Life can provide an income tax-free benefit
to help your family pay:

Funeral Costs
Medical bills
Probate expenses
Outstading debts

Your policy benefits may also be used to help:

Support a grandchild’s college education.
Provide income to your survivors.
Arrange for a charitable gift.
Create an endowment fund for your church or non-profit organization.

Advantages of Simplified Issue
Whole Life Insurance:

  • Eases the financial burden on your loved ones after you’re gone.
  • Easier to qualify for than many other types of life insurance.
  • Premiums are guaranteed to never increase.
  • Death benefit is guaranteed to never decrease.
  • Policy will remain in force as long as premiums are paid.
  • Income tax-free death benefit.

Outstanding loans accrue interest and reduce the policy’sdeath benefit.
Life insurance benefits are generally includible in one’s estate and, as such, may be subject to estate taxes. An accountant or attorney should be consulted regarding individual circumstances.

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